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Fulcrum Wines




For over two decades, David Rossi has been refining his palate and approach to minimalist winemaking. Though he has emerged as a Pinot Noir specialist, he spent years making small-lot wines from a multitude of varieties, as he worked to perfect his own impeccably balanced style. David came to his craft as a home winemaker, a path that allowed him to develop his style with complete freedom, and without the commercially driven dictates  that young winemakers often face when starting out in a winery cellar.

A passionate student of wine, David is as inquisitive as he is meticulous. To create complexity and balance, each of the approximately four hunderd barrels of wine aged in every vintage is unique, offering a different combination of vineyard, clone, yeast, oak, toast level, free run or press wine. This approach enhances complexity and gives David a rich palette to work with during blending.