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Fulcrum Wines




The themes of balance, complexity and ageability are at the forefront of how David approaches winemaking at Fulcrum. To achieve his elegant style, David combines time-tested Old World techniques with modern enology, tailoring his methods for each vineyard, clone, and ultimately, every barrel of wine. While his overall approach emphasizes gentle handling of the fruit and wines at every stage of development, it is not a completely hands-off style. To leverage the strengths of each individual clone or lot, David applies a range of methods. Whether it’s cold soaking, fermentation temperatures, punch-down timing and frequency, or yeast selection, each decision is made to accentuate the strengths of the fruit. This intimate, non-standardized approach yields distinctive wines that capture the essence of the exceptional vineyards they come from.

Some of the techniques we employ include:

In the cellar we: