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Fulcrum Wines

The Bottle

The Name And The Artwork

A fulcrum is a point of balance for a lever. We have printed on the cork a quote from the ancient Greek physicist Archimedes, who when explaining the principle of a lever said, "Give me one firm spot on which to stand and I can move the earth". Whether in wine or in physics, "balance" is a powerful notion.

The Acrobat is a painting that adorns the front of the On Point label and is depicted on the seal of tissue paper that the Fulcrum wines are wrapped in. This image embodies our guiding principle of balance. The very gifted artist that painted the work for us is Stephen Hall of New York City. Stephen's work is an inspiration to us and also a reminder that it takes many talented people to bring Fulcrum and On Point wines to life. To view more of Stephen's spectacular work, please visit


Protecting Fulcrum’s delicate aromas and flavors is our only goal when selecting a bottle closure. All Fulcrum wines are closed with premium all-natural corks. Cork has been a proven superior closure that has been used for centuries and recent technological and process improvements have further reduced the risk of TCA contamination (cork taint) to a nominal level. If you find a bottle of our wine is "corked" we will provide a full refund or replace it with a new bottle. It should also be said that cork is a renewable resource that employs 30,000 people around the world. The trees are not harmed by harvesting the cork and the cork forests in Portugal and Spain have been preserved and utilized for this purpose for centuries.